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My Sinner 

Bond of Brothers : Book 4

12 days. He wanted 12 days of her life. One for each year they’d been apart…

For the sake of her family, Avantika Rajpoot agreed to Dev Luthra’s terms. He was her enemy, her sinner, and the only man she’s ever loved. He’s also the man who destroyed her once. Falling for him again was not an option. Trusting him, impossible. But all it took was one touch and one kiss to change everything. Avantika, however, is keeping a secret from Dev, one which has the power to once again destroy her life.

She made a deal with the devil…and the devil always collects his dues.

For 12 years Dev Luthra has searched everywhere for her, Avantika Rajpoot—the woman he couldn’t choose when it had mattered the most. But now she’s given him 12 days of her life. He thought they would be enough. He thought he’d be able to let her go, but some love stories cannot be bound by time and they have no end.

Faced with an unimaginable situation, Dev vows to make Avantika his at whatever cost. As Avantika begins to see Dev for the man he truly he is, she realises that there was more to the past than she’d ever imagined.

Every story has two sides and it was time she heard his…

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Sapna Bhog

 Romance Author 

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