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Every Breath You Take 

Sehgal  Saga : Book 6

Here comes the bride…filled with hopes and happiness
After a bitter experience in her past, Rhea Sehgal has deliberately stayed away from love, until Nirvaan Kapur comes crashing into her life. Her attraction to him was instant. His intense and forthright nature called to the wounded part of her soul. Being with him was easy, falling in love with him…easier, and marrying him—that was a dream come true or so she thought.

Here comes the groom…filled with lies and deception
Gaming legend Nirvaan Kapur always gets what he wants, and what he wants is Rhea Sehgal. She was responsible for the death of someone very close to him and he’s vowed to make her pay. Making her fall for him was the first step. His plan was simple—marry her and thus destroy her dreams of happily ever after. It was supposed to be easy, until Rhea turns the tables on him. She declares war on him, one which she intends to win at all costs.

He thought he’d win this battle of wills. But when sizzling attraction and white-hot chemistry come into play, even the best laid plans go awry.

The road to love, however, is not easy, and sometimes one has to let go of the past, believe in the present, and trust your own heart to have a happy future.

Will Rhea and Nirvaan find happiness or will forces working against them manage to destroy their love just when they find their way to one another?

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Sapna Bhog

 Romance Author 

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