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Take a Chance on Me

Sehgal  Saga : Book 1

He made a mistake and now he will pay the price for it...with his heart.

KABIER SEHGAL, scion of the Sehgal empire, has returned to India to take over the helm of his companies from his grandfather. His first mission is to find out who is selling his company's secrets. When the suspicion falls on KEYA KARIA, he decides to work closely with her to expose her fraud. He accuses her of something unspeakable. But has he made the biggest mistake of all?

Brilliant, bold & beautiful, KEYA KARIA is at the top of her career. Her past is one big, dead and buried secret and she has her eyes set only on her future. But her new boss, Kabier Sehgal is making her life a living nightmare.

Forced to work together, their clashes are loud and fiery. Their attraction runs even hotter.

Falling for him, however, is not an option.

Keya is tough, but can she stand against an adversary like Kabier Sehgal? He always gets what he wants, and now what he wants the most…is her.

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Sapna Bhog

 Romance Author 

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