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Playing By Her Rules 

Sehgal  Saga : Book 7

They say opposites attract…until they don’t!

He doesn’t believe in love and romance…

An accident changed his life—only, he didn’t realize to what extent.

Broody billionaire, Rohan Bali, thought he’d left his past behind. Work hard and make money has been his mantra for years. He thought nothing or no one could change him...until he stumbles across her. Jiya Deewan stormed through his life like a bulldozer. She was different from him in every possible way, yet the attraction between them was undeniable.

But when the time comes to choose Jiya, can he do that?

She believes in fairy tales and her very own Prince Charming

Jiya Deewan is a dreamer who has grown up believing in love stories and happily ever afters. At the peak of her career, she quit her job. But, in an unexpected twist of fate, she’s offered another one by none other than Rohan Bali. He’s supposed to be at war with her closest ones. He’s known to be hard and difficult. He’s also the only man who’s made her heart skip a beat. Her dilemma is real when she realizes their attraction is mutual.


Giving in to him was so easy; being with him…hard. He’s a man of many secrets and he doesn’t open up to anyone. They were together and she was happy with him, until his past swept right back in and cut through them.


Jiya now faces the toughest decision of her life—whether she wants to fight for the man who claims to be incapable of loving anyone or whether she should move on with someone else.


Not all fairy tales have a perfect happy ending…until the princess decides to rescue the prince.

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Sapna Bhog

 Romance Author 

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