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Living on the Edge 

Sehgal  Saga : Book 4

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape the past!
VJ Bellani, cop extraordinaire, is a man with many secrets. When circumstances force him to protect the enemy’s daughter, he takes up the assignment with an eye at finally laying the past to rest and perhaps even extracting vengeance. What he did not expect was Diya Thakur!

Rebelling against her extremely conservative family, Diya Thakur moved to Mumbai to build a career in fashion design. Her dreams of living a free life are dashed when they hire a bodyguard to watch over her—and to spy on her for them, at least that’s what she suspects.

Forced to be together 24X7, VJ and Diya make no effort to hide their contempt for one another. The battle lines are drawn early, but destiny has a way of interfering even with the best laid plans.

Can something as simple as love change everything, especially when revenge has been the primary motive for so long? Will VJ finally claim his past in order to claim her?

Book 4 Living on the edge.jpg

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Sapna Bhog

 Romance Author 

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